Virginia is for Learners is the Commonwealth’s commitment to make sure every public school student is ready to thrive after graduation

The Future of Learning is Changing

The Virginia Department of Education, local school divisions and key partner organizations are working together to implement changes that are connecting the future of learning in the Commonwealth with the future of work in a global economy.

Virginia is for Learners keeps parents, educators and all Virginians informed about and involved in changes to Virginia’s public education system that produce better-prepared students, a stronger workforce and a healthier economy in every corner of the state.

This statewide initiative  connects every student with the knowledge, skills and real-world experience necessary to thrive in the economy of the future.

About Virginia is for Learners

Supporting Early Learners

Quality early learning experiences are an essential element to preparing children to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Young children benefit from positive, interactive and engaging educational environments to learn and explore. Virginia is committed to supporting all children to access excellent early learning experiences.

Training K-12 students to go deeper

Virginia’s new approach to K-12 education is about preparing every student for what comes next – in college, in the workforce and life. That means combining strong content knowledge with a deeper approach to learning that emphasizes the skills necessary to apply that knowledge successfully.

Preparing Virginia graduates for what comes next

Virginia high school graduation requirements have been revised to incorporate the “Profile of a Virginia Graduate,” ensuring graduates have the knowledge, skills, attributes and experiences identified by employers and educators as critical for future success. For the first time, all Virginia graduates will also leave high school with life changing work-based learning experiences that put them on the path for a good career and economic advancement.

Making student success the highest standard for every school

These changes, in combination with a new approach to the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs), provide a more comprehensive view of school quality, place increased emphasis on racial and economic equity, recognize schools that demonstrate continuous improvement and increase expectations that schools prepare students to succeed in college or the workforce after graduation.

Maximizing the Potential of All Students - Virginia is for ALL Learners

Education is our most effective tool to reduce poverty, address racism, and sustain economic advancement for all Virginians. The Commonwealth is committed to ensuring that students and families in Virginia, regardless of their race, economic status, or the languages they speak at home, feel welcomed in their schools. The VDOE will continue to focus on the changing needs of its diverse student population, recognizing that significant achievement gaps currently exist. This will ensure that the Commonwealth’s public education system is positioned to achieve equitable academic outcomes for all students.

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