Cultural Competence

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According to Gloria Ladson-Billings, culturally relevant pedagogy and practices recognize the importance of including students’ cultural references in all aspects of learning. Culturally relevant practices: expect and yield academic success, help students develop positive ethnic and cultural identities while simultaneously helping them achieve academically, and support students’ ability to recognize, understand, and critique current and past social inequalities.

The EdEquityVA Framework is informed by Virginia achievement data, best practice, and research. We frame the work as Two Pillars of Inputs, one being cultural competence, which includes the following Culturally Responsive Competencies:

  • -Reflect on one’s cultural lens
  • -Model high expectations for all students
  • -Draw on students’ culture to shape curriculum and instruction
  • -Promote respect for student differences
  • -Recognize and redress bias in the system 
  • -Bring real-world issues into the classroom
  • -Communicate in linguistically and culturally responsive ways 
  • -Collaborate with families and the local community 

 The following resources are meant to support teachers and leaders in developing these competencies within themselves, their staff, and the larger school community:

Introductory Resources


Videos, Webinars, and Podcasts

American Indian/Alaska Native Students

Multilingual Language Learner

Students with Special Needs

Asian/Pacific American 

Culturally Responsive Family Engagement

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