Preparing Every Student For What Comes Next

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Every parent who sends their child to a Virginia public school has a right to expect that he or she will be ready for what comes next after graduation.

Virginia is for Learners is the Commonwealth’s campaign to enhance the value of a high school diploma so that every child who earns one is truly ready to learn, work and thrive in the economy of the future.

Schools are offering students new ways to get ready for rewarding careers

Virginia is changing the educational experience at every level to emphasize work-based learning and place students on meaningful pathways to good careers or additional education. Virginia’s career pathways initiative educates students about the types of careers that may be available to them after graduation and helps them plan an educational path to success.

New graduation requirements increase the value of a high school diploma

Virginia is redesigning high school education to better provide every student with the knowledge and skills he or she needs to succeed after graduation. The Profile of a Virginia Graduate sets a new standard for Standard and Advanced Diplomas so that students who receive one are truly ready to succeed in higher education or the workforce. By establishing the knowledge and skills students need to complete high school, Virginia is sending a clear message to parents, students and employers that every graduate is ready to learn, work and succeed in adult life.

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